Think Next Generation
Remember the sun sends no invoices


Our business concept is to sell renewable energy systems where sun energy is captured and stored. The system can than deliver electricity 24/7 at any place and no need for infrastructure like transmission and distribution lines. Energy from the solar panels supplies the need during daytime as well as powering the Electrolyser splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen. In standard applications oxygen is released to the atmosphere but can also be stored if a need is present. Stored hydrogen in cylinders is used to feed the fuel cell when day and sunlight not is enough for the energy needs. The fuel cell converts hydrogen and oxygen from the air to electricity and the only emission is water that can be collected and reused by the Electrolyser.  By storing all renewable energy and use it by our Energy System Concept it is possible to build Off Grid Systems for individual housing our entire villages. The hydrogen can also be used for transportation and busses, trucks, cars and scooters are available on the market today. Unlimited free sun energy and water as storage media is possible all over and the long- term solution for our energy needs on our planet

SWEMODULE, Renewable Sun Energy Sweden AB