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The first start of module

manufacturing in Hillringsberg

Since year 2003 Hillringsberg is once again an industrial district, thanks to Alf Björseth, the founder of REC and ScanModule. In September 2010 REC announced the decision to discontinue the operation at ScanModule AB, and focus its operations to the recently opened manufacturing facility in Singapore. At this time the factory had about 300 employees and a yearly production of ≈160MWp solar panels.

In September 2016 the SweModule factory was bought by Renewable Sun Energy Sweden AB (RSES AB)The factory is located outside Arvika, Sweden. The plant has currently 2 production lines with a capacity of 120MW with possibility to expand to around 200 MW of production per year, through investment in additional production line.

The shareholder of RSES AB are Thomas Wedelin.

• Module factory with 120 MW capacity
• 7.100 m2 production factory and two PV R&D laboratories
• One of the most modern and automated module production facility in Europe
• More than 2.2 millions modules produced
• Automated to highest level, thereby securing outstanding quality and module performance




Head office sweden

Head Office Sweden

SE-670 20 Glava

Thomas Wedelin
+46 70 943 13 00

Sales and Technical

Sales Director
Per Kjellberg
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Technical Manager
Per-Erik Jonsson
+46 72 720 08 01

Middle East & Africa Area Manager

Mr. Karim Mosa

Mr. Karim Mosa
Mobile / WhatsApp no.: +46707226102

Email: km@bavylontech.comkarimmosa2@gmail.com  Skype:bavylonkm1

Website: www.bavylontechsolutions.com