Manufacturing performance

Advantages with modules produced at SweModule

  • High quality raw-materials
    -In-house climate chambers for extensive tests of new material
  • Automation and process control close to Automotive Standard.
  • The robust construction is resistant to heavy wind and snow load (8000Pa snow load certified at (TÜV)
  • Special solar glass with an etched antireflection surface
    – up to 2 % higher measured output power5-7% higher energy yield.
    – Especially good performance during scattered and low light conditions, as in the morning/evening or in the winter months.
    – self cleaning properties, reduce the need for cleaning to almost zero in most of environment conditions
  • High performance EVA (Ethylene-vinyl acetate), extremely stable cross-linking, will stay transparent and maintain the high energy yield over a long period of time.
  • All joints soldered or welded in Junction Box, to prevent contact corrosion and arcing.

Process performance

Process highlights

  • Product & Process Review Board for approval and control of all product and process changes.
  • Approval of raw-materials according to Automotive CPAP procedure.
  • The need for incoming inspection eliminated, responsibility for raw-materials transferred to the suppliers. Resources focused on preventive supplier development instead of inspection.
  • Flow Chart, FMEA and Control Plan available for entire manufacturing.
  • High process capability for Tab & String machines (soldering), laminators (gel content) and Flash testers.
  • Every day 09:00 morning meeting including Safety, Quality, Production, Supply, Maintenance.
  • Since start in year 2003, over 2.200.000 modules are produced in the factory.

Quality control

The production site allocates its own test equipment, to ensure the high quality of the manufactured modules. Each module is measured and visually inspected. Furthermore new module design and new components can be long term tested in own laboratory.



Head office sweden

Head Office Sweden

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Middle East & Africa Area Manager

Mr. Karim Mosa

Mr. Karim Mosa
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